Bluedio T5 Headphone

Bluedio T5 is a nice looking headset. It has an atractive feature called Active Noise Cancelling do not expect a lot but it is working! It is effected -25db. 

Headset can be use with wire or Wireless. Bluetooth works great. Believe me this device works on longrange! Thanks to BT versiyon 4.2 it works a long time to. You can also speak with it on phone calls.

Headphone's made quality is very good. Sound quality is nice. Fidelity is respectible. 

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) is working too! But when you use that Noise Cancelling it change the music sound. You may not like that. İt has 4 mics to do ANC.

When you wear it it looks bit huge. But it covers hole ears. So even without Active Noice Cancelling, you just hear the music. 

Working time 25 hours with it's battery. But you may use it's cable. Just plug in to your phone or computer. 

Even in summer time usage is comfortable too. It doesn't make you unconfortable in long time usage periods. 

With a small budget, it is nice device.

Audio jack works as an input and output. You may use device as an bluetooth receiver on external devices like amplifiers.

Device declared price USD 60. If you lucky yo may catch the lowered prices (may be half of full price) in some campains. Just Follow Ali Express.