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Turkey’s most popular tech, app and game site is in English now!

Turkey’s most popular technology news, mobile application and game download site speaks English now! English language option has been added to which is one of the Imza Internet Technologies initiatives including

New English Language Option

Imza entered the sector in 2011 with the WindowsTM programs, and later included the Mac operating system applications to it's contents. After iOS and Android operating systems have become more widespreadi, integrated the applications of these operating systems to Imza's contends. Content so far in 2011 began to meet with users in Turkey. Since than, Imza beginning more popular in the world. Users found detailed information about studies and examining programs that are the most downloaded applications  trends.

Hasan Yasar
Imza, which has produced only Turkish content before and continues to develop and grow even further, opens up noe to abroad. In recent days more than 20 thousand news and more than 80 thousand applications, is ready in English with the contents for English spoken users. English version of serves with more than 1,000 applications.

Managing Partner of Imza Internet Technologies Mr. Hasan Yasar highlighted that: "As Imza Technologies, we want to contribute to the introduction of projects prepared by Turkish entrepreneurs in the foreign market. The more successful Turkish software and game projects abroad, the broader our sector".

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