Easy Waffle Recipe

It shouldn't be a hard recipe for a meal that's eaten every 5 minutes.

Here's an easy, simple to do waffle recipe.

List of ingredients for recipe for 1-2 people.
1- 1 egg
2- 1 pack of vanilla with sugar
3- 1 pack of baking powder
4- 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
5- 1 teaspoon of salt
6- Half a glass of flour
7- Half a glass of milk
8- 1 teaspoon of oil
9-1 tablespoons of cocoa (optional)

Put them in a bowl and whisk until thoroughly mixed with a stirrer. No need for pre-lubrication. Pour into the pre-heated waffle cooker or toaster and cook for 10 minutes.

We put everything we want on it and serve it.

Enjoy your meal.